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About Us The New Trend Is Kindness!

Compassion Brands has created multiple positive messaging lifestyle brands targeting customers from a wide range of demographics. From Street Wear and Active Wear to Trend Fashion and juniors, our fashion raises awareness and funds for the Anti-Bullying community.

By advertising our partnered crisis hotline phone number on our product and carding, Compassion Brands uniquely offers customers direct access to a recognized support network.



Compassion Brands was started as a way to make fashion mean more than just a simple trend. We wanted to create fashion that makes a difference through charitable donations and as a reminder to those who wear it and see it that the world is a beautiful place full of people who care and who love.

Anti-Bullying is a cause worth involving oneself in, which we believe can be cured by a simple solution: kindness. Be kind to yourself and to the people around you. Choose to be more understanding. Choose to make someone smile. Choose to live your life as a compassionate person.

There is a new trend out in the market and it’s called kindness. Won’t you join us in spreading this message?


Compassion Brands was founded by Gigi Yeoman, wife of actor Owain Yeoman a born and raised Los Angeles native who’s fashion designs have been seen across the industry from runways to magazines, department stores to celebrities!

Having designed and manufactured for some of the biggest names in retail such as Guess, Bebe, Hot Topic, BCBG, Nordstrom’s, Macys and others, Gigi was inspired to create a collection of fashion that did more than follow the current trends… She wanted to make a difference.

The overwhelming news following the epidemic of bullying was an issue that was dear to her heart and one that seemed simple to solve through education and awareness. It was what inspired Gigi to create Compassion Brands to inspire others and work collaboratively with other industry leaders to be united in Kindness through the art of fashion!



Compassion Brands is the first fashion company of it’s kind to address the issue of bullying kids endure everyday by infusing fashion forwards trends with positive messaging and information on where kids can go if they need immediate help.


Compassion Brands believes bullying transcends traditional brand positioning, and is not specific to age, style or price range. By developing product that speaks to each category we have eliminated the typical fashion structure of designing with just one demographic in mind.


Kids don’t always know where to go when they need help. They sometimes feel as though there is no one to talk to or who understands them and they often feel alone. Our signature carding provides the hotline phone number of our partnered charity giving kids a number to call for immediate help and mentoring.



Compassion Brands funds and advertises Teenline, our partnered crisis hotline phone number on the inside of our apparel and on the carding of our accessories in order to uniquely offers customers direct access to a recognized support network through fashion.

phone: (800) TLC-TEEN